2009 Groove on Grove Schedule Shapes Up

After last year’s debut, the free outdoor live music series Groove on Grove is set to return to the Grove PATH plaza this year with scores of bands scheduled to perform on Wednesday evenings (and a few Fridays) from May to September.

The series, put on by the Historic Downtown Special Improvement District, is much more robust than last year, with nearly 40 bands scheduled to perform so far. The schedule is definitely subject to change — be sure to check JCI‘s Cultural Calendar for the most up-to-date listings as the season progresses.

May 6: Higgins, Any Day Parade

May 13: The Hangmen, Brian Beninghove Trio

May 20: Miss Ohio, The Curvy Straights

May 27: The Puerto Rican String Quartet

June 5 (Special Friday show for JC Fridays): The Black Hollies, The One & Nines, The Milwaukees, Jupiter One

June 10: The Demands, The Subway Surfers

June 17: Bern & the Brights, WJ & the Sweet Sacrifice

June 24: The Coffin Daggers, Bongo Surf

July 1: Kilsy, The Touristas

July 8: Plowing Mud Forever, No Pasaran

July 15: Rik Mercaldi, The Fringe Dwellers

July 22: Binky Bianca, The Plastiq Passion Band

July 29: The One and Nines, Kiwi the Child

August 5: Beef and Butter, Manchild

August 12: The Poconos, Ben Franklin

August 19: The Swigs, Choirs of Titan

August 26: Tangos for 2 Guitars

September 2: The Third Party, Snowball 37

September 11 (Special Friday show for JC Fridays): Kilsy, Any Day Parade, The Milwaukees

September 16: Square Wave Punch, Pow Wow

September 23: The Devyl Nellys

September 30: Groove on Grove All Star Finale Show

Jon Whiten

co-founded the Jersey City Independent. He is currently the Deputy Director of New Jersey Policy Perspective.