Live in JC: Square Wave Punch and Frozen Gentlemen at Lucky 7’s

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In a time of political and social upheaval it’s good to now that the streets are once again safe. There are no certain terms for heroes these days. One does not just walk into a castle and rescue a fair damsel or slay a dragon these days. Many times they are just Average Joes rocking out at the local watering hole. Sometimes the measure of a hero is not determined by his archnemesis’ diabolical scheme to take over the earth by means or rocketpack wearing dinosaur mutant onslaught. No, sometimes all it takes is a few cats with guitars, mics, keyboards and drums to save the day.

On a Tuesday like any other (last Tuesday, that is…), I wandered into my particular favorite watering hole, Lucky 7 Tavern (thanks for the paychecks!), knowing full on well that the bar’s music booker, James Dower, had put together a super team of incredible proportions. That’s right, true believers, Square Wave Punch and Frozen Gentlemen were slated to take the stage! Square Wave Punch was first up. Sean Kiely (vocals, guitar) Kellen Harrison (bass, vocals) and Pat Van Dyke (drums) make up this daring rock triumvirate. If Modest Mouse and the Lemonheads clashed, all that would be left in the wake of such an epic battle would be Square Wave Punch. They’ve got a simple sound that sticks to your ribs like peanut-butter potato chip sandwiches. (They’ll be at Groove on Groove Sept. 16 — be sure to check that out.)

The Frozen Gentlemen took wing a little after. This chaotic quartet just put out a brand new CD, an eponymous album featuring ten songs of otherworldly funk-rock. Mido Santantos (vocals, keys) Quan James (vocals, guitar) Jackie Meyer (bass, vocals) and Linden Charter (drums) combine their efforts in a relentless assault against all things not funky and awesome. Their sound is the sort of thing you’d hear in the background of Tarantino film set in the 1970s … or perhaps during the action sequence of a robot fighting a gang of rabid jackals. Their set was a straight up riot, and then they encored! After the set the guys and I drank some beers and watched the Goonies in closed caption. All true.


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