How to Celebrate National Feral Cat Day in Jersey City

Photo: Alley Cat Allies

Betcha didn’t know that today is National Feral Cat Day. The day was established by the national advocacy organization Alley Cat Allies to promote the rights and protection of feral cats.

So, you may wonder, what’s the best way to celebrate such a day in Jersey City? Here are a few ideas.

For starters, you could check out Companion Animal Trust’s free workshop on feral cats tomorrow at noon. You learn all the steps to setting up a managed cat colony including establishing good community relations, feeding, building and placing shelters, arranging vet care, safely handling feral cats, and trapping. At the end, you become Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) certified and gain access to low cost spay/neuter and trap rentals.

Companion Animal Trust launched the training program back in March, and so far 110 people have become TNR certified and 300 feral cats have been spayed or neutered through the low cost program.

“The initiative is a huge success,” Companion Animal Trust present Carol McNichol says. “We want to continue to offer low cost subsidized veterinarian costs as an incentive to get people to do Trap Neuter Return.”

To that end, the organization is launching “Fix a Feral Cat,” a coordinated marketing and fundraising campaign to raise funds for the program. Donations are tax deductible and can be made by credit card online directly at the FirstGiving website.

For more information on the feral cat program or donations, click here. For details on tomorrow’s workshop, call 201-884-9649.

Jon Whiten

co-founded the Jersey City Independent. He is currently the Deputy Director of New Jersey Policy Perspective.