Brownstone Stop Part of Band’s Fund-raising Diner Tour

On Sunday at 6 pm, the New Jersey rock band Kindred Souls will stop by the Brownstone Diner on Jersey Avenue for a 20-minute acoustic set. If the band seems a little tired, you’ll have to forgive them: it will be the 21st show they’ve played in three days.

On Friday the band will begin its “Whatchagonnado” Diner Tour, which features a set in each of New Jersey’s 21 counties over the course of a long weekend. The tour’s goal? To raise at least $5,250 for the NJ Federation of Food Banks, which will distribute the food to charitable organizations and food banks across the state. That’s enough money to provide 21 thousand pounds of food.

“Last summer, when we did the release party for our EP Social Ninja at The Saint in Asbury Park, we did a peanut butter and jelly fund-raiser tie in for The Monmouth and Ocean County Food Bank,” Kindred Souls keyboardist Lon Bachrach says. “We encouraged people to bring jars of PB & J to the show. We filled two 33 gallon cans. With that and cash donations, we were able to raise enough for 2,000 pounds of food. We thought that was great and wanted to do more.”

As the band thought about how to expand the effort to benefit more food banks, which have seen increased demand coupled with decreased donations during the recession, Bachrach says their minds turned to two Jersey staples: diners and rock ‘n’ roll.

“What is more innate to New Jersey than diners and rock ‘n’ roll?” he says. “Not everybody in New Jersey listens to the same kind of music, but everybody in New Jersey goes to the diner.”

From there, Bachrach — who dubs himself the band’s “diner liaison” — went all around the state for months, signing up diners one at a time, putting into place the map for the tour. The diners are donating $1 per check during the band’s set, and will ask each table of eaters to donate one dollar as well. If each diner stop raises $250, the total goal of $5,250 will be met.

For more on the Diner Tour, including route maps for each day, click here.

Jon Whiten

co-founded the Jersey City Independent. He is currently the Deputy Director of New Jersey Policy Perspective.