Jersey City After Dark: Seein’ in 3D

Editor’s Note: We’ve got a new columnist to introduce this afternoon. Starting today, Sophie Penkrat will be bringing the Independent’s readers her occasional nightlife dispatches from art shows, special events and more.

Now that every other movie is in 3D and consumer electronics companies are scrambling to come out with 3D TVs (better than HD they say? Hmm…), of course the next step is 3D art!

Last Tuesday at LITM, Mark Finne unveiled “Uther Worldz,” his latest collection featuring an array of color saturated canvases that revealed their full effect when viewed through 3D glasses. Like the audience of a 50s sci-fi flick, the crowd rambled about grabbing at swatches of greens and reds that literally leapt off the wall.

DJ Dancing Tony hyped the room with a high-energy set while the cheap wine and beer specials ran the bartenders ragged. (We’re a thirsty bunch here in JC.) By the time I got there, the free finger food was mightily picked over, with maybe a dreg of melon left over (and better left alone). I was able to elbow through to check out the otherworldly paintings and waved at all the usual suspects (“Hi Carla!” “What’s cookin’ Orlando?”).

All in all, it was another successful, crowded and eye-popping art opening at LITM. If you missed it, swing by and ask the barkeeps for a pair of those snazzy 3D specs (they’re free!). And, don’t forget that Mark’s got another show up at Paul Vincent Studios in Hoboken through May 15 (look for a closing reception on the 15th, after the second annual Village Art & Flea Market). See you there my fellow night owls.

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