Jersey City After Dark: Summering in Black & White

Boy, oh boy, was it just me, or were there a ton of things going on last week? I warmed up for JC Fridays (and a sizzling summer) on Tuesday, June 1, at LITM’s latest opening — “The Formula of Summer,” by tapemaster extraordinaire Kayt Hester. DJ Dancing Tony set the undercurrent to the continuous crowd, many of whom dressed in black and white honoring the colors of Kayt’s signature mediums.

This show is an interesting juxtaposition to the last two at LITM, both of which were ablaze in vibrant color and bold form. If you don’t know Kayt’s work, she manipulates black tape, using it as her drafting tool, on achromatic canvas to build duo-tone images. Void of any shadows, they are ripe with emotion and a clear narrative. It was fascinating to laud summer (that solstice is just on our heels, kids) in pure black and white, negative and positive — boiling out the color to leave the purest forms of the season. Delicate blooms, intricate oversized insects, sassy girls in sexy bikinis — each was a fun warm weather-inspired gem to investigate.

“My last show was the 4th Street mural back in February, and lots of snow was involved,” says Kayt (seen on the right of the photo at left, with Kathleen Brown). “I really wanted to celebrate the opposite of snow!”

And was it so! It was steamy, with the mercury crawling up to 90. Sure didn’t quash the revelry one bit. Worried you missed out on the fun? Don’t fret! “The Formula of Summer” is up till July 4. Swing on in, grab a mini martini and regard the walls. You’ll love it!

Speaking of revelry, I’ve got tons to tell ya about JC Friday’s 5th anniversary blast this past Friday. Stay tuned for the next installment of JC After Dark…

“The Formula of Summer” stays up till July 4. The next show is Robert Piersanti’s “Pop Rocks,” with an opening reception set for Tuesday, July 6. For more info, visit


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