PETA Urges Jersey City to Cancel Fireworks Permanently

Photo of last year’s Jersey City fireworks by Steve Gold

For millions of Americans, the Fourth of July means fireworks. But this year, cash-strapped municipalities, Jersey City among them, have canceled their annual displays. The administration says it saved $238,000 by canceling this year’s event, allowing it to put $100,000 towards other cultural events this summer.

But while some Chilltonians might be disappointed by the lack of fireworks this year, animal rights advocacy group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) welcomes the decision. In an email statement released today, PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman says that “fireworks displays are a nightmare for both domestic and wild animals.” Reiman explains that animals are terrified by the loud noises made by the explosives and wildlife is harmed by the smoke they produce. She points to the California coastal town of Gualala, where the fireworks display was banned in 2006 after a show caused nesting seabirds to flee their nests and abandon their chicks.

In a letter sent to city Cultural Affairs director Maryanne Kelleher, PETA suggests the city replace any future fireworks displays with laser-light shows, which they say are more cost-effective and do not create harmful noise and chemical pollution.

Kelleher could not be immediately reached for comment.

PETA Letter to Jersey City Re: Fireworks

  • Gualala Festivals Committee

    Regarding the PETA letter
    they did not read the ruling by the courts
    the ban on Fireworks had nothing to do with birds
    it was the emmision of gasses over the ocean
    never mind they were all EPA approved
    the contention that birds left their nests subject to predation is ridiculous
    preditors do not wait for a fireworks show on a rock 2 miles away and wait till the next “boom”
    in fact preditors do not go after nests on an offshore rock at night
    more misleading info from PETA!

  • Darren Deicide

    I can’t believe how bored PETA is sometimes.