Old Route 1&9 Truck Viaduct Now Closed Forever as Traffic Patterns Shift at Tonnelle Circle

The old Route 1&9 Truck viaduct over St. Pauls Avenue was permanent closed to traffic over the weekend and will be demolished, according to the state Department of Transportation. The viaduct, which was constructed in 1928, had been deemed “structurally deficient and functionally obsolete” by transportation officials.

Drivers heading east from the area will now take a new exit ramp and northbound viaduct (seen at right before opening) that connects to Tonnelle Circle and Route 139 east instead.

The change is part of the larger $250 million project to reconfigure the traffic patterns in the area, which is expected to be completed by spring 2013.

For more on the project, click here. For real-time traffic updates, click here.

Photo: NJ Department of Transportation

Jon Whiten

co-founded the Jersey City Independent. He is currently the Deputy Director of New Jersey Policy Perspective.