Jersey City Artists Highlighted in Two Shows at the Hoboken Artists’ Studio Tour

Hoboken Studio Tour Krause PaintingSeveral Jersey City-based artists are featured in two exhibitions as part of the Hoboken Artists’ Studio Tour, which starts today. The event, now in its 31st year, is a four-day festival with open studios, gallery exhibitions, site-specific installations and live music.

When the festival began in 1981, just ten artists participated. Today, the tour features more than 200 artists, many of whom reside in Jersey City — including Glenn Garver, Mauro Altamura, Jennifer Krause Chapeau, Michelle Doll, Tim Daly, Stephanie Panepinto and Kara Rooney.

Back in Black at Neumann Leather

Organized by Jennifer Krause Chapeau, Back in Black is a group exhibition featuring 16 artists who work in a variety of disciplines. A portion of sales benefit the Neumann Leather Tenants Association.

Garver is an abstract painter who works paint around the canvas with the controlled aggression of a veteran prizefighter. Beneath his fluid, colorful brushwork is a cool aplomb.

Altamura, a conceptual photographer, is showing four pinhole photographs on 4-by-5-inch chrome film. The surveillance-like stills have a jerry-rigged vibe.

Chapeau is a landscape painter of the alienated variety. Chapeau’s paintings are based on a series of snapshots, which she takes from the passenger-side window of a moving car as the terrain whooshes past.

Doll, a representational painter, often focuses on the female figure. In the past, she depicted women attending to various grooming rituals in domestic settings — and in various states of undress. In her newer work, she continues to focus on the appearance of the body sans the warm domestic interiors.

Daly, who was born and raised in Jersey City, is known for his hyper-realistic landscapes of the Hackensack Meadowlands and their immediate environs. He is showing a new series of drawings featuring men engaged in armed struggle.

Empty Spaces at Hoboken Business Center

Panepinto organized this three-person exhibition, which features a selection of artists from a larger show currently running at STUDIO III VII I in Downtown Jersey City.

Hoboken Studio Tour RooneyRooney’s multidisciplinary work includes paintings, sculptures and installations through which she explores the tenuous relationship between language and people. In one installation, she inscribed letters (both familiar and unknown) onto a collection of wooden modules like a kid’s alphabet block set.

Panepinto, a Jersey City native, is a representational painter and draftsperson. In addition to her studio practice, she runs Jersey City’s STUDIO III VII I. She envisions the gallery as a collective space that will host viewings, theatrical performances, photo shoots, art exhibitions, movie screenings and other events, as well as build a community of artists.

Back in Black
Neumann Leather Building
300 Observer Highway, 4th floor
Hoboken, New Jersey 07030
Exhibition hours: noon to 6 pm November 5 and 6

Empty Spaces
Hoboken Business Center
50 Harrison Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030
Exhibition hours: noon to 6 pm November 5 and 6

Photos of Jennifer Krause Chapeau’s “Leaving Santa Fe” and Kara Rooney’s “At the Banquet #1” courtesy of the artists.

Brendan Carroll

an artist and a writer. In 2006, he cofounded Agitators Collective, which creates site-related installations in urban locales that have fallen into neglect or dereliction. He has exhibited his work at a number of museums and galleries in New York and New Jersey, and his work has been featured in several periodicals, including The New York Times, Village Voice, Art Fag City and Time Out New York. Find him online at