Jersey City Considered As Location For ‘Jersey Shore’ Spin-Off Show

If we buy into the truism that “any press is good press,” here’s some good news for Jersey City: the New York Post reports that MTV’s Jersey Shore is considering Jersey City as its next location.

City Spokeswoman Jennifer Morrill has confirmed that producers from MTV have expressed local interest in creating a spin-off that follows the adventures of cast members Snooki and J-Woww.

“Producers have been in contact with city officials regarding the film permitting process and discussions are ongoing about the potential for filming in Jersey City,” says Morrill.

“Everyone wants to live in Jersey City,” Morrill adds in explaining the interest. “Even Snooki and the cast of Jersey Shore know that we have everything – great restaurants, hotels, culture, diversity and proximity to New York City without New York City prices.”

“Those are many of the reasons people decide to move to Jersey City and why our city has become a choice of film producers who know our city is home to great locations, great amenities and that we are business- and film-friendly,” adds Morrill.

True as this may be, the city plans to keep a close eye on a cast that is continually delighted by the effects of binge drinking.

“If a film permit is issued to the Jersey Shore, the cast and all participants would be required to uphold the laws of the City of Jersey City and the State of New Jersey and respect our residents and neighborhoods,” says Morrill.

Photo courtesy of MTV

Matt Hunger

is a former staff writer for the Jersey City Independent.

  • Anonymous

    Will this lower our Property Taxes?

    • JayneF

       No, but it may lower our property value considerably.

  • Anonymous

    Will this lower our Property Taxes?

  • Justin Woo

    Hey Matt – this is Justin. This might be the worst thing that has happened to Jersey City since Grove Pointe. Please let this NOT HAPPEN.

  • JayneF

    Wait a sec….how is this perceived as “good news?”  I mean, is Jersey City such a media whore that we’ll welcome the MTV crew with open arms??  Has no one watched this show before? It’s a blur of public vomiting, fist-fights, hair-extension-pulling, and excessive disorderly drunkedness. The characters hate to work, love to tan, and have made a career out of binge-drinking and dancing publicly with no panties on. (come to think of it, maybe they’ll fit in just fine).  I hope to see them working-out at Synergy and dancing at Creative Grove on Fridays with the hulahoopers.

  • Patrick Fermin

    This won’t benefit this city of an ypart of NJ. people will look at us trashier than before. smh. i just wanna punch them in the face. SEND THEM BACK TO NEW YORK!!!!!!