Curious Matter Co-Founder Arthur Bruso Releases Fourth Photo-Art Book in Four-Book Series

Arthur Bruso, A Narrow World – No. 8 –Three Structures for Capturing Light, 3 color photographs 17 X 7 inches.

Curious Matter co-founder Arthur Bruso has released the fourth book in the Association Sublimation series, A Narrow World.

The book includes more than 70 photo-based works of art, along with an introduction and essays written by Bruso. The photographs in all four books in the series were originally created during Bruso’s childhood, as he explored his Albany neighborhood after “I got my first camera as a boy,” he says.

“Over time the photos had acquired a sort of elemental quality. I was looking to distill them into symbols that could be formulae for my ideas,” he explains. “I reprinted the images, placed them together and began to see relationships. Those relationships informed and enlarged the meaning of the work. By placing the images in the context of one another, I was changing their meaning and creating a new language for my art, while the pentimento of my childhood remained.”

The 82-page book is $20, and available online, as well as directly from Curious Matter, the home-based gallery at 272 5th Street in Downtown Jersey City.

Bruso photo: Christopher Lane

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