New Jersey Yelp Drinks 2012 Brings Half-Priced Drinks to Town

Yelp Drinks, a week-long happy hour and drinkfest created by the user review site Yelp, has branched out to Jersey City.

If you’d like to get in on the deal and drink some half-priced cocktails, here are the participating locations in town. Yelp Drinks starts today and will last until Sunday, March 4th.

Note: The first price listed is the original price, the second is the discount.

Bar Majestic, 275 Grove Street:
Drink 1: Pisco Sour ($12/$6)
Drink 2: Coco Creek ($11/$5.50)
Drink 3: PATH to Manhattan ($14/$7)

The Hamilton Inn, 708 Jersey Avenue:
Drink 1: NJ Beer Co. Abbey Single Draft ($7/$3)
Drink 2: Strawberry Mango Tequila ($10/$5)
Drink 3: Bacon Bloody Mary ($10/$5)

LITM, 140 Newark Avenue:
Drink 1: Lover’s Blush ($10/$5)
Drink 2: Hot and Dirty Martini ($9/$4.50)
Drink 3: Toulouse Lautrec ($8/$4)

White Star Bar, 230 Brunswick Street:
Drink 1: Shot of Powers & Yuengling ($12/$6)
Drink 2: Jim Beam Manhattan ($10/$5)
Drink 3: Negrone ($9/$4.50)

At first glance I thought LITM’s cocktail “Lover’s Blush” said “Lover’s Bush.” But regardless, at $5 and $6 for premium cocktails it’s a bargain. For a full listing of participating bars, including Hoboken, check the Yelp Drinks website here.

a freelance writer whose work has appeared in the Jersey City Independent. She’s also a comedian who was born and raised in Jersey City, a Fiction MFA candidate at the New School and drinks way too much beer.