Two Groups Come Out Against Jersey Shore Spin-Off Filming In Jersey City

Apparently not everyone in Jersey City likes good fun. Or, put another way, not everyone in Jersey City likes to watch a liver get diseased, offensive stereotypes, or exploitative reality television series. Six of one, half-dozen of the other. Either way, Jersey City residents get two opportunities to sign on to petitions to move the show.

The first effort is by Jersey City resident Eric Fleming, whose Facebook-based protest demands the show move elsewhere. Joining Flemming is a petition on the website, which sees nothing but trouble if the show is allowed to film locally.

According to the petition, “Jersey City is not a party town. Grove Street is not a party district. We feel that MTV’s new show will make a mockery of us, whether it be intentional or not. The cast of this show are not the kinds of people that would bring hope and prosperity to our neighborhood, but rather would jeopardize our city’s image, disrupt our day-to-day life, and potentially damage our livelihood.”

In an open letter to Mayor Healy, resident Rory Miller adds, “I have always been proud to be from Jersey City but today I am embarrassed. You and any other city officials who gave the greenlight to MTV for filming in Jersey City should be ashamed of yourselves. Jersey City has spent the last decade rebuilding and redeveloping the waterfront and downtown areas – it’s become one of the best cities for artists, we have great restaurants, and the city has lured several big companies and developers (i.e. Goldmann Sachs, JP Morgan, Trump, Westin Hotel, etc.) and now we can add Snookie and J-Woww to our list of accomplishments? You seem to think any attention is good attention, but that just isn’t true.”

An article about the show coming to Jersey City posted on JCI warns that the city is prepared to enforce the law and rein in misbehavior.

“The producers of the Jersey Shore spinoff have been issued a permit to film in Jersey City following a full and fair review by the permitting agencies, including the Police Department,” city spokeswoman Jennifer Morrill said in a statement. “The cast and crew of the Jersey Shore spin-off, like everyone else, will be required to follow all the laws of the State of New Jersey and the City of Jersey City, and to show respect for their neighbors.”

Still, not everyone agrees, including a JCI reader who wants everyone to “chill out.” The show will be good for the city, writes resident Joe Galbo.

Matt Hunger

is a former staff writer for the Jersey City Independent.