Another Day, Another Parking Mishap — But This Time, JWoww Gets a Ticket

Wednesday was another quiet day outside the former firehouse at 38 Mercer, with the production company shooting B-roll of clouds reflecting in car hoods. But around 4 p.m., the time-lapse photography gear was finally packed up, the hand-held cameras came out, and JWoww opened the door of her home and climbed into her new BMW, honking the horn and drawing Snooki out of hiding for the first time since US Weekly‘s cover story broke the news of her pregnancy and engagement.

And when the stars pulled away, for just a few moments no one could keep up. The photographers turned right, heading to K9dergarten, convinced JWoww was picking up her dogs. Her car turned left, bound for Essex Street, and her police escort went nowhere at all – the squad car’s engine, which had been running all morning and afternoon, would no longer start when the ignition was turned.

Eventually, everyone converged. A local’s random Tweet spotting Snooki on Warren Street put the photographers on the right path, the police found a second car to drive to the scene and the girls took two seats inside Crystal Sun Nail & Spa on the corner of Warren and Essex Street, where JWoww’s ride was parked outside.

Directly in front of a fire hydrant.

For the next hour, the wire service gaggle from Splash and Getty – JCI included – passed time shooting from across the street, between passing Light Rail trains, hoping to see more than a new manicure. Then entertainment finally arrived, in the form of a Parking Enforcement vehicle.

Following more than a week of ignored parking violations spread between production vans, Snooki’s black and pink alligator skin-covered Escalade, and JWoww’s two BMWs, the Parking Enforcement officer pulled over ahead of the hydrant and walked back to inspect the vehicle. But a police officer working security detail crossed the street to warn him off the car. The Parking Enforcement vehicle drove on, and a half-dozen cameras lowered in disappointment.

But some damage was already done, as every photographer had noticed the hydrant, and shortly after Tweeting what we witnessed, we contacted the city for comment.

After providing photographic evidence to back up our claim, JCPD Public Information Officer Lt. Edgar Martinez announced that JWoww would be issued a summons for illegally parking.

Photos by Adam Robb

Adam Robb

a frequent contributor to the Jersey Journal and He is a freelance writer living in Jersey City, whose work has appeared in publications including Philadelphia Weekly, Atlantic City Weekly, and Time Out New York. His own blog, The Life Vicarious, has appeared on CBS Sunday Morning, and has been featured in The New York Times and on the New York Post‘s Page Six.