Driving Issues Continue to Plague Snooki and JWoww Production

On Monday morning, a photographer who regularly camps out across the street from the Mercer Street firehouse where Snooki and JWoww live attempted to park his car down the block, toward Barrow Street, as a space opened up outside 60 Mercer.

The woman residing up the steps wouldn’t have it.

“I see a branch hit my car,” the photographer recalled, the first sign something was going wrong. “I get out of my car to look, and she comes up screaming at me. I get back in my car and she takes a piece of metal and starts whacking my car with it, and I was like, what the fuck are you doing?”

What she was doing was leaving a dent and foot long scratch in the side of his car, prompting the paparazzo to repeat himself.

“I was like, what the fuck are you doing? And she starts whacking me with it.”

He reported the incident to the police officers stationed outside the firehouse, who told him the woman had a history of similar behavior.

“He told me to leave it alone, and if he tells me to leave it alone – I’m not really getting any money out of it – it’s not worth it,” the photographer said. “If I have to report it to the insurance – I’m not going to go after this little old lady.”

“I didn’t realize that meant they were going to get them to take her away, though” he said, gesturing to the ambulance and EMS truck that were by then clogging the west end of the street.

Public Information Officer Lt. Edgar Martinez reported the woman was taken to the hospital for evaluation.

And as emergency services confronted the woman outside her home, traffic filled up the street for 20 minutes, until the first blocked driver left his car to help direct those behind him to one by one back up toward Grove Street. It was only after they alone took action that an officer at the far corner, seeing oncoming traffic about to turn into them, stepped up to prevent an accident.

It wasn’t the only headache police preferred to leave alone.

Once traffic started flowing again, an officer was asked why he wasn’t ticketing JWoww’s newly gifted BMW, which was parked outside the firehouse and now in full view of the crowd across the street. Her second BMW in less than two weeks of filming appeared – even to an officer observing it – to possess illegal tints.

“That’s a good question,” the officer responded, before suggesting any interested party take it up with a supervisor.

“Mostly we let them do what they want to do,” he added. “We have some discretion writing tickets, especially when cars aren’t moving.”

He did acknowledge illegal tints are a big issue in New Jersey, and he was surprised the windows of Snooki’s Escalade weren’t darker than they already are.

“She’s so high profile with this nonsense, I can’t believe she’d even drive around like that.”

Snooki didn’t put her Escalade to much use on Monday or Tuesday though, allowing JWoww to show off her new ride.

So, on Tuesday afternoon, when Snooki and JWoww made their second trip in two days to K9dergarten Dog Day Care on Newark Ave., JWoww illegally parked the car in front of a No Parking sign across the street, in front of a vacant municipal lot.

While the girls were inside, production vans illegally parked along the south side of Newark Avenue outside the store where no parking is allowed, but, after an hour, an officer eventually directed one van to pull forward a few feet so it would stop blocking a crosswalk. At the same time, a driver coming off Bay Street and attempting to enter the municipal lot, which was now partially blocked by another production van, had to get out of his car and tap on the window of that van to direct him to pull back.

JWoww left K9dergarten after only 20 minutes, leaving Snooki and her dogs behind, and by the time she returned, it’s assumed word about the illegal parking had reached her, and, for the first time, she behaved like a true Jersey City resident, circling the block until she found a space opened around the corner on Jersey Ave.

She collected Snooki, but not the pups. They did that four hours later, under nightfall, after all the paparazzi had gone home and without any producers in tow. Yes, again, she illegally parked, but quickly this time, and with her roommate holding it down in the passenger seat. And true Jersey City residents do that too.

Photos by Adam Robb

Adam Robb

a frequent contributor to the Jersey Journal and NJ.com. He is a freelance writer living in Jersey City, whose work has appeared in publications including Philadelphia Weekly, Atlantic City Weekly, and Time Out New York. His own blog, The Life Vicarious, has appeared on CBS Sunday Morning, and has been featured in The New York Times and on the New York Post's Page Six.