It’s Almost a Wrap, Jersey City: Filming for Snooki and JWoww Show Coming to an End

When security is radioed to cut out the innocuous small talk just because we’re reporters, when the producer tells a PA to block our shots every time we lift our camera, and he stands there in front of us, arms folded and with a smirk on his face, it’s a wake-up call. They’re off their game as much as we are, and it’s time to finish strong. Because as the fifth week into production on Snooki and JWoww vs The World wound down, it was announced by several sources that filming concludes today, March 26.

And already, by last Thursday night, it was apparent everyone wanted to go home. Shooting inside K9dergarten was running late, a small crowd was forming outside, and that daily man on the street response to the crew’s work was wearing on their nerves.

After one local hipster walking a petite hunting dog peered inside the store, giving voice to his eye-roll, the show’s producer turned incredulous.

“This motherfucker’s walking a goddamned cocker spaniel,” he exclaimed, exasperated, to the PA beside him, dismissing the idea any man with such a small animal had any right to judge two grown women burping baby dolls in a makeshift nursery while a pack of skittish rescue dogs, paraded inside from a rental van, nipped at their feet.

Indeed, the crew was completely unfazed by the show’s shameless final story arc.

Snooki and JWoww left their house mid-afternoon with their swaddled surrogate children before driving to CH Martin on Newark Ave., as many mothers of newborns do, seeking strollers for their toys. The mommies-in-training then strolled out from the store, packed into JWoww’s BMW, and later pushed their never-borns through Journal Square at rush hour, before packing up for a return trip downtown. Finally, they cradled their props in a small corner of a doggy day care surrounded by animals so unpredictable, police had to clear the sidewalk of pedestrians because no one knew how the dogs would react when the cameras were turned on them.

It’s only when facing the banality of K9dergarten’s actual customers the crew takes umbrage.

After one customer sought the go-ahead to enter to fetch her dog, pausing to ask a PA and producer outside the door if she had permission to enter, the PA stamped his foot and sighed.

“Can I get my dog?” he mimicked, then huffed, to the producer, tired of being bothered. “I hate when they do that.”

A half hour later he’d watch as Snooki and JWoww walk out the store with dogs Bella and Joell, and dolls blue and pink, walking, wheeling, and carrying them all across the street, against the light, through the rush of traffic on Newark Ave, and he didn’t even raise an eyebrow.

Adam Robb

a frequent contributor to the Jersey Journal and He is a freelance writer living in Jersey City, whose work has appeared in publications including Philadelphia Weekly, Atlantic City Weekly, and Time Out New York. His own blog, The Life Vicarious, has appeared on CBS Sunday Morning, and has been featured in The New York Times and on the New York Post‘s Page Six.