‘Material Tak’ Art Exhibit in Jersey City Shows Paint as More Than a Medium

“Material Tak,” a new exhibit presented by Panepinto Galleries and Studio 371 in Jersey City, explores how paint can be more than just a medium.

In the exhibit, five artists — Mark Dagley, Anne Sherwood Pundyk, Kati Vilim, Jsun Laliberté, and Peter Fox (whose painting, “Beyond the Valley of the Shadow” is shown above) — show how paint can be the subject in a work of art in the right hands.

“This exhibition…is really about the materiality of paint and how each artist in the show deeals with that in a very different way,” says curator Kara Rooney.

For example, Pundyk says her paint strokes take on their own identity as she works. “Conjuring the power of pure color, I interpret these signs and translate the associated imagery into overlying, figuratively intended strokes of paint. Under the spot light, as I work, I toggle my consciousness between introspection and a scrutiny of the resulting amalgamation of paint effects. As I do, the work defines itself,” she says in her artist’s statement.

“This is intended to generate a dialogue about the tactile qualities of paint,” says Rooney. “It shows a different perspective of what painting can be in contemporary terms…some of (the artists) use paint in very gestural painterly ways, some of them are using it more in terms of installation, some focus on hard-edge geometry where a machine could have put down the image in front of you. Their hand is either absent or present depending on how they work with it.”

She and gallery owner Stephanie Panepinto also note that they included artists from the “fringe of the Chelsea art world.” Those featured in the exhibit hail from different places in the New Jersey-New York Metropolitan Area like Manhattan, Brooklyn, Newark and of course, Jersey City.

“We wanted to generate an interesting conversation about where the art comes from and if it’s similar or different to the art currently being shown in Chelsea,” explains Rooney.

Panepinto agrees. “One area that we’re focusing on is bringing different artists from different areas and connecting them. This whole surrounding region is the focal point of the art…this area is where most of the artists come together and the driving force behind what art is today comes from this general area.”

“Material Tak” opens tomorrow with a reception at 6 pm and runs through July 15 at Studio 371, located at 371 Warren St. For more information, visit the Panepinto Galleries website.

See the listing for this event on JCI‘s Cultural Calendar.

Summer Dawn Hortillosa

is a freelance arts and entertainment writer whose work has appeared in the Jersey City Independent, The Jersey Journal, the International and other publications. She is also a creative writer and theatrical director.