Analysis from NJ News Commons, Twitter Abuzz on Christie’s RNC Speech

Governor Chris Christie’s speech at the Republican National Convention was called a “proud” moment for New Jersey. It was to be an exciting spotlight on all things local when Christie nationally celebrated Republican governance at its self-described best: supposedly reining in taxes that were seen as out of control and forcing steep concessions from powerfully entrenched unions, all in a place where Democrats outnumber Republicans by the better part of a million voters.

He even got in an obligatory Bruce reference in and, incidentally, the most hate-liked reality show on television, when he recalled when he “listened to ‘Darkness on the Edge of Town’ with my high school friends on the Jersey Shore.”

But how much was truth and how much was a stretch? Did Christie, as critics claim, spend too much time celebrating himself and not enough time bolstering Mitt Romney?

For a full breakdown, watch this analysis courtesy of the NJ News Commons.

While more fact checking on Christie’s speech at the Republican National Convention (full transcript here) can be found both here and here, see what the arm-chair critics have to say about his speech, both positive and otherwise, as trending on Twitter’s #christiefacts.

Matt Hunger

is a former staff writer for the Jersey City Independent.