‘Dreams of Flight’ Group Art Exhibit at LITM Taking Off Tonight

A new group exhibit is taking flight tonight at local bar, restaurant and art gallery LITM.

“Dreams of Flight” features works by 29 artists that were inspired by birds, the sky and of course, flight.

Curator Andrea Morin says she has long been intrigued by the topic.

“I am fascinated by phenomena that we see recurring throughout history and across cultures; the desire to fly and the obsession with birds and other flying creatures is one of those that interests me most,” she says. “Even in cave paintings there are representations of birds and that develops quickly into mythological flying creatures, flying humans, gods, demigods, angels, demons, dragons.”

She adds that although humans have achieved flight through airplanes, helicopters and other modes of transportation, the obsession continues. “Every child still loves paper airplanes and kites, bird watchers still spend hours searching for species they’ve never seen, thrill seekers jump from plane or off cliffs, and scientists reach further out into the stars.”

Morin says one of her favorite pieces, Fermin Mendoza’s “Freedom” (seen above), captures the spirit of the show and how the theme has inspired artists in the local arts community and around the world.

Several of Morin’s own works are in the show. “My work deals with the mythological side of things and human/bird hybrids. You find cross-culturally that people have human/bird hybrids or birdlike creatures. It’s a reoccurring theme,” she says. “I am particularly influenced by the sirens (of Greek mythology). Part of the reason has to do much with my middle name, Artemis, and having books about mythology around in the house. My mom was always into ancient Greek mythology,” says Morin, who grew up in New England.

Other artists include Abby Levine, Agnieszka Wsolkowska, Andrea Kroenig, Andrea McKenna, Beth Bentley, Bojana Coklyat, Cara Parmagiani, Clyde “Collide” Pizzini, Dave Dziemian, Dorian Monsalve, Elizabeth Defrain-Krausche, Gail Boykawich, Goat, Grace Marquinhos and Henry Deibel.

Also showing will be Jennifer Fanning, Joan Palmer, Jodi Zulueta Josephine Barreiro, Ka-Son Reeves, Karina Granados, Kim Chan, Kristy Lopez, Mickie Hoffman, Norm Kirby, Stephanie Guillen and Stephen Chopek.

An opening reception for “Dreams of Flight” will be held tonight at 7 pm at LITM, located at 140 Newark Ave. The show runs through Oct. 1.

Summer Dawn Hortillosa

is a freelance arts and entertainment writer whose work has appeared in the Jersey City Independent, The Jersey Journal, the International and other publications. She is also a creative writer and theatrical director.