VIDEO: Fashion Goes Futuristic at Fish With Braids Art Gallery

Jersey City Fashion Week: Fish With Braids Fashion and Art Show from Joe Galbo on Vimeo.

The worlds of high fashion and art merged at the new Fish With Braids art gallery recently, where a crowd gathered to watch Uta Brauser and Mark Tauriello unveil some of their latest futuristic fashion.

“I’m not just a fashion designer. I’m a fashion artist,” said Uta Brauser, owner of the gallery and the host of the Sept. 22 event.

Brauser, originally from Germany, moved to Jersey City years ago after a brief stint of living in New Mexico. “I saw Jersey City as an in between of countryside and city. I liked the whole beauty of everything. I wanted to grow my roots in whatever area I settled in, so I opened a gallery and started an artist market.”

Brauser’s original gallery was on Jersey Avenue. Sandwiched between a fish store and a hair braider, she named it Fish With Braids. The gallery was there for three years before she moved it to a larger space, the red brick building at 190 Columbus Drive. With the bigger gallery, Brauser has more ambitious plans than just displaying art.

“I want to grow more than a gallery space. I want to create an arts center for instruction,” she says. “I want to cultivate and maintain the artisan skills behind art and design. That’s one mission I have. To build a great program of teachers who have abilities that they can pass on. Much like back in the Renaissance.”

When asked about the importance of spaces for art and fashion, Uta’s response echoes the sentiments of many art supporters in Jersey City: The arts need to be a priority for Jersey City’s government, as the community is still rebuilding itself from the destruction of 111 First Street and financial limbo of the Jersey City Museum.

“There can’t be enough art spaces,” she says. “If you want to see a place thriving culturally, it needs a lot of places and institutions and centers and organizations with art and culture… we need places. The more the merrier.”

Video by Joseph Galbo

is a freelance video journalist and pharmaceutical copywriter living in Jersey City.