Art House Productions Bringing Art Exhibit to Powerhouse Arts District

'Three Luca Cusolitos" by Norman Kirby

Over the years, Art House Productions (AHP) has helped visual artists all over the city share their work through citywide festival JC Fridays (if you want to be in the next one in June, sign up before April 26) and at shows at their Hamilton Park headquarters. They’re taking the show on the road this weekend with some of their best past exhibitors.

AHP Executive Director Christine Goodman says “Art House at Waldo Lofts” (which, unsurprisingly, is a show curated by Goodman and Artistic Director Jack Halpin that will be at Waldo Lofts), will help link artists who regularly show in Downtown Jersey City with the Powerhouse Arts District.

“It’s a way to build bridges between communities and bring these artists’ work to a new audience,” says Goodman, who is also a mixed media artist and photographer.

Some of the highlights include Ann LePore’s series of unconventional maps, marking areas by emotional and collective memories rather than physical landmarks and boundaries. “It’s about the way communities remember or talk about space,” says Goodman. “Places are different in other people’s memories. She maps things based on where different things have happened throughout history like death and conflict. It really goes beyond what we think mapping is in a day-to-day sense.”

Goodman says the exhibit also shows how some artists are continually evolving, a subject they previously touched on in their group show “Progression” in March 2012.

One of Goodman’s favorites, Norman Kirby’s piece “Three Luca Cusolitos” (seen above), featuring one of his fellow exhibiting artists as the subject, combines different elements of his previous work.

“Stylistically I think it’s a unique piece for Norm, especially since I’ve been seeing so much of his wire work lately, and this piece struck me as standing out from that,” says Goodman, referring to Kirby’s portraits, nudes and other pieces where his famously strong sense of line comes to life in wire.

“It was nice to look back over several years of group exhibitions and revisit what we’ve done through the gallery end of Art House and reconnect with visual artists,” says Goodman.

Other participating artists include: Luca Cusolito, Maria Mattera, Ray Arcadio, Gail-Marie Boykewich, Bojana Coklyat, Andrea McKenna, Michael DiFeo, Melissa Cacioppo, Kristen Marino, Andrea Kroenig and Kayt Hester.

The rest of this season will be spent supporting students and other emerging visual artists, says Goodman. For example, they will host the Green Teen Music and Arts Festival on Friday and later this year will be one of the venues for Jersey City Arts High School senior exhibitions.

“We’re committed to providing a supportive environment for emerging artists,” says Goodman. “We feel that putting your work out there for conversation and critique is a crucial piece of the artistic process and crucial to the evolution of an artist’s craft”

“Art House at Waldo Lofts” will open on Sunday, April 14 at 3 pm. Glen Coleman will provide live music. For more information, visit the AHP website.

Check out more works in the show:

Photos courtesy of Christine Goodman

Summer Dawn Hortillosa

is a freelance arts and entertainment writer whose work has appeared in the Jersey City Independent, The Jersey Journal, the International and other publications. She is also a creative writer and theatrical director.