National Poetry Month: The Eyes

The Eyes
by Kevin Gosa

it’s all about the eyes
and how they soundless
speak sending thought
through lens and film and time.

it’s all around the eyes
inset in movable frames –
amplifiers multiplying thousand-word
pictures into googolplex to call
all the world to harken.

it’s all behind the eyes
and their betrayal, an honesty
uncontrollable that forsakes best
and worst intentions, save only
for the most wretched – those
who can make them lie.

it’s all through the eyes
the wise learn they are blind
and the blind have learned they
see without seeing.

it’s all in the eyes
as tongue trumpets to
crosswalk-careless cabbie,
hey pal, I’m walking here!
Poet’s Bio: Kevin Gosa is a saxophonist with the fretful porcupine, and a corporate health and culture strategist.
 Please don’t hold those facts against his poetry.

Note: In honor of National Poetry Month, JCI will be publishing the work of local poets. Enjoy!

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