In Campaign Event, Fulop and Booker to Lead Jog Around City

Immediately following his successful bid to become mayor of Jersey City, Mayor Steve Fulop said it would be “crazy” to get involved in other elections. He had a city to run, after all, crime to stop, taxes to lower, and a litany of other ambitious campaign promises.

Two months later, Fulop has announced that he and Newark Mayor Cory Booker — the front-running Democratic candidate ahead of Tuesday’s primary — would be appearing together at Booker’s campaign event in Jersey City. Yes, crime still exists and taxes didn’t go in the right direction, but having an ally in the upper house can’t be a bad thing, right? A little bridge-building might useful as Booker supported former Mayor Jerramiah Healy’s reelection bid over Fulop.

To support his fellow mayor’s aspirations, the two will be leading a group jog (described as a “light jog”) starting at noon on Saturday, August 10. The group will depart from behind City Hall and head over to Torito’s ice cream shop to undo the good work that was done by the job.

In an email to his supporters, Fulop writes of his decision, “I am personally supporting Cory Booker for U.S. Senate because I believe that as mayor of a city the size of Jersey City, he is the only candidate who knows firsthand the challenges we face here. In this election on Tuesday, my goal is to have Jersey City deliver more votes than any other urban area in the state, so I urge you all to come out and vote in what will be a historical election.”

Matt Hunger

is a former staff writer for the Jersey City Independent.