JCI Magazine Fall 2013 Issue Released Today

The Fall 2013 issue of JCI magazine hits the stand today. Read on for a sneak peek…

Editor’s Note:

“Don’t know how you do it all,” she wrote to me, at a time of night perfectly appropriate for a 23-year-old artist.

I read her text with one eye open since I was on the couch at a time perfectly appropriate for sleep if you’re a third-trimester pregnant editor of a local arts magazine and mother of a one-year-old. If I could, in fact, do it all, I would have offered a witty, if not hilarious, response. Instead I went back to sleep.

Priorities, though. That’s how I do it mostly. To-do lists. And failures.

Jersey City is in a pivotal position at the moment. If cities experience the same kinds of changes that individuals do, then we’ve come to a life-altering decision-making moment. And not like a “Should I get a face tattoo?” debate – but more like a “Should I try this experimental treatment?” kind of choice.

Change never happens the way we imagine it will.

The first step doesn’t look like a steady, one foot in front of the other movement. It looks like an accident – like we meant to fall down but instead we shuffled an inch or two forward with our arms outstretched. Then we fell down.

Onlookers may praise our efforts and gestures towards progress, but when you’re the one contending with an unfamiliar stride, patience and perseverance aren’t as easy to perfect. Take a breath. It’s happening.

It helps to make a list. Knowing what our goals are, and being able to look at them can keep us focused on what we want.  That is, if we know what we want.

And ultimately, that’s the aforementioned pivotal question that Jersey City is facing. What do we want? Who should we include? What will we have to release? If there continue to be only 24 hours in a day, and we insist on resting during some of them, how important does a thing need to be in order to earn a top spot on the to-do list? Where do our egos fit into that development? How do we, as individuals, contribute to this conversation? And what happens when we fail?

I’m used to failure – I went to art school. To me, if there aren’t scrawling red edits all over my words, I haven’t solicited enough feedback. In my mind, the best products come with the most drafts, and the most revisions. But if a person, or a city, isn’t comfortable with criticism, or the errors that we will inevitably make, then we will stay exactly where we are – on the brink.

On the Cover:

Liz Defrain painted the cover image. She is an illustrator and painter originally from Cambridge, Ontario. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts in New York City, and currently lives in downtown Jersey City.

Defrain is inspired by citylife, and is drawn towards current events, social issues, and humor. While she particularly enjoys communication arts and editorial work, she also paints large canvases when space is available.

Defrain uses ink, gouache, acrylic and chalk in her illustrations.  Her portraits are composed using spray paint, gesso, acrylic, gouache, and even organic materials that create texture and tapestry on the canvas. The paintings are typically finished with a variety of tea and/or coffee washes. Actual coffee grounds are sometimes incorporated into the canvas as well.

The cover art demonstrates Defrain’s view of the cogs in the wheels of the city – pedestrians. She sees the city as many moving parts, an organic machine.

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Publishers Note: On our Fall 2015 issue we corrected the issue number to seven to reflect the number of issues we have printed since changing the magazine’s name to JCI.

JCI Magazine Fall 2013 cover image by Liz Defrain

Mel Kozakiewicz

is a writer, performer, and professor. She lives in the Heights section of Jersey City and she is a former editor for Jersey City Independent.