Supporters of Same Sex Marriage Plan to Rally in Jersey City at City Hall

Rainbow FlagA rally, organized by Hudson Pride Connections Center and Humanity Pride Productions, plans on continuing the effort for marriage equality.

The rally set for tomorrow, October 4 at 7:30 pm on the steps of City Hall, comes on the heels of a Supreme Court Judge ordering New Jersey to allow same-sex marriages.

“We need to continue to bring attention to what is going on in New Jersey and in the country,” said Jeffery Campbell, the executive director of the Hudson Pride Connections Center. Campbell goes on to say that although there was a victory with the court ruling, it must be understood that New Jersey still has long way to go in regards to LGBT issues since Governor Christie plans on appealing the court-ruling.

“It is time for New Jersey to line up on the right side of history. Domestic partner status is not enough. We must have full marriage equality for same-gender couples in New Jersey,” Michael Billy of Humanity Pride said in a statement.

Mayor Fulop has already gone on record supporting marriage equality. Speaking to JCI, Mayor Steve Fulop said, “It is beyond me and sad that in the year 2013 we still have courts and politicians who even deliberate second class ‘civil union’ designation between two people who love each other. Our state has enough broken families, enough single parents, and enough problems, that it makes no sense to me why we wouldn’t be supportive of people who love each other and seek marriage.”

“There is a lot going on in this country today with the government shutdown and the affordable care act,” Campbell acknowledges, but says that marriage equality is as important as any of those issues. “We must continue to rally. We must demand equality.”

The rally will feature speakers such as Mayor Steven Fulop, gubernatorial candidate Barbara Buono, TV hosts and advocates Michael Billy and Jarl, Singer/Songwriter Lori Michaels, and more. The rally will be held on Friday, October 4 at 7:30 pm on the steps of City Hall.

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Paul Cox

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