New Jersey Residents Head Out to the Polls Today

As New Jersey residents head out to the polls today they will have an opportunity to cast their vote for Governor as well as answer two questions being posed to the public on the ballot. Locally, there is also the race for the Jersey City Board of Education. Check out some of JCI‘s pre-election coverage below.

And here are some links and contact information for any voting questions you may have.

To find your polling place, check out the New Jersey Voter Information System and for more information on voting in Hudson County, visit the Hudson County Clerk’s website. Frequently asked voter questions and answers can be found here.

If you are experiencing problems voting or have other issues the state election hotline is 1-877-NJVOTER or check the website NJ Division of Elections.

NJ polls are open till 8pm. Be sure to get out and vote today Jersey City!

Catherine Hecht

is the owner of Harmony Media, NJ, the publisher of Jersey City Independent and blogs about urban gardening at dig a path. She's lived in Jersey City since 1999 and resides in the Heights section with her wife Beth Achenbach, they were the first couple to file as legal domestic partners in Jersey City. Cat has over 10 years experience in communications, marketing and publishing, she's studied anthropology, art history, woman & gender studies, botany, ethnobotany, and herbology and she is a graduate of the Rising Tide Capital Community Business Academy. She is also is a community activist, registered voter, gay rights activist, art lover, gardener, environmentalist, and an animal advocate.