Jitney Bus Map Available Online

 Jitney Bus Map

“It wasn’t difficult to put this together. It only took me a couple days,” says Axel Hellman.

The undertaking Hellman is describing is a map (available online) of the routes of the jitney minibuses that run through Jersey City and other Hudson County towns as a part of a class project.

Axel Hellman - Jitney Bus mapmaker

Axel Hellman – Jitney Bus mapmaker

Hellman is a sophomore at USC with a major in urban planning. Before his maps, there was no route information about the jitneys, and no maps whatsoever, according to Hellman. Which is precisely what inspired him to make the maps, “I know these routes are hard to understand and can be mysterious to people who are not familiar with them.

“I knew that the jitneys went to Boulevard East, but I couldn’t find any good information online about how to use them. I ended up reading a government report to find out where the bus to Weehawken boards.

“Finding that there was no map and no online guide, I thought to myself ‘why doesn’t this exist already?’”

Then, when Hellman took a class in basic web publishing this past fall, he was required to make a simple website of a couple pages. “Since I had already realized that the jitney buses could use a website, I made my final project on that. It was really ugly, but a couple weeks later I realized it wouldn’t take much more to make a real site. And since I took the class, I already knew how,” he says.

When asked about his experiences in map-making, Hellman’s casual resolve shines through. “I don’t have any experience making maps. I just did this by tracing over another map on Inkscape, which is a free knockoff version of Adobe Illustrator.”

Take a closer look at Hellman’s website at jerseyjitneys.info.

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