The Thirsty Quaker: Hudson County’s Only Homebrew Shop Opens

The Thirsty Quaker

Four years ago, Kendall Alvarez-Eskew was one of the founding members of the Jersey City Brew Club. Today, he opens the doors to his first business – Hudson County’s only homebrew supply shop and liquor store, The Thirsty Quaker.

“I definitely want it to be less of a typical liquor store and more of a community gathering place,” says Alvarez-Eskew. “It’s not just a place where you go to buy beer – it’s a place where you go to learn about beer.”

For the homebrewing rookie, The Thirsty Quaker has you covered – from employees who love talking about beer, (so feel free to ask questions) to ingredient kits that explain every step of the process (which definitely eases the learning curve) to even offering classes on how to make beer, wine, ciders and meads (honey-wines).

More experienced brewers will appreciate the late-night hours. “We’re open until 10:00 pm Tuesday though Sunday,” says Alvarez-Eskew, “so if you’re having a yeast emergency after seven, you won’t be out of luck. And you won’t have to travel to Brooklyn.”

According to Alvarez-Eskew, “The homebrewing community in Jersey City and Hudson County has exploded in the last four years.” So too, have the numbers of craft beer aficionados. “We have 500 different beers in stock already.” And while some beers are rare and/or hard to find, The Thirsty Quaker will have a leg up by offering growler service, which might allow for beers that aren’t sold in bottles to be purchased and enjoyed at home.

In his spare time, Alvarez-Eskew works full time writing software for investment banks – but his eventual goal is make The Thirsty Quaker his full time job. “This is the first business that I’ve owned – I think we’re going to do great. We went to the Hamilton Park Neighborhood Association meeting, and I was really nervous, but they were all thrilled about it,” he says.

The Thirsty Quaker is located at 492 Monmouth St. between 8th St. and Pavonia Ave. For information on hours, products, and more, visit

Photo provided by Kendall Alvarez-Eskew

Mel Kozakiewicz

is a writer, performer, and professor. She lives in the Heights section of Jersey City and she is a former editor for Jersey City Independent.