JCI Magazine Winter 2013 Issue Hits the Racks

The Winter 2013 issue of JCI magazine hits the racks today. Check out one of our distribution locations near you today for your free copy of JCI. Enjoy and thanks for reading!

Editor’s Note:

Typically, winter isn’t associated with rebirth – that’s spring’s thing. Winter is generally linked to a kind of sleepiness or quiet contemplation – hibernation, right? But maybe – just maybe – we’re not thinking of winter as a time of rebirth because we’re looking at birth wrong.

Newborns are sleepy. They cuddle under blankets and curl up on your chest. They rest when they’re awake and snore the rest of the time. They’re very busy – growing – we just can’t see it.

Which is sort of how we feel about our enterprise at the moment. From the outside looking in, we’re quiet, still, watching our breath cloud in the cold. Alas – don’t underestimate the power of tranquility. We’re very busy – growing – you just can’t see it.

Until suddenly you’re walking down Newark Avenue and realize that no one around you is wearing a scarf. Tiny green seeds are popping out of
trees. People are preparing patios and sweeping off stoops. There’s a parade.

It’s getting louder. More fun at the playground. Joyous. That’s not a newborn – that’s a toddler.

For now – it’s winter. Rebirth. Wait for it. Spring will be here soon.

Mel Kozakiewicz

On the Cover:

“Greetings” by Barbara Maria Meise is an original stained glass piece in homage to her daughter. The work was exhibited at the Noyes Museum in Oceanville, NJ in 1984 as a part of a presentation by awardees of an annual NJ Fellowship by the State Council on the Arts. The portrait represents Meise’s daughter wearing a Central American costume hat and Austrian-Bavarian garments including embroidery on the shawl. The text comes from poems written to Meise by her daughter, as well as a few written by Meise herself. The glass is painted and acid edged with an oxide matte over it.

Jeffrey Vock photographed this piece in Meise’s studio on 193 Montgomery Street, Jersey City.

Publishers Note: This issue was published as Winter 2014 in error instead of Winter 2013. Also, on our Fall 2015 issue we corrected the issue number to seven to reflect the number of issues we have printed since changing the magazine’s name to JCI.

JCI Magazine 2013 Winter cover image by Barbara Meise

Mel Kozakiewicz

is a writer, performer, and professor. She lives in the Heights section of Jersey City and she is a former editor for Jersey City Independent.