JCI Magazine Spring/Summer 2014 Issue Released

The Spring/Summer issue of JCI magazine hit the stands Monday, June 23. Be sure to pick up the latest issue designed by our new Art Director Jaden Remy. In this installment of our Neighborhood Spotlight series we focused on businesses, birds, and the beautiful views of the waterfront community Exchange Place in Ron Callari‘s “Wall Street West of the East” (Photographed by Mickey Mathis). In ”Talde All Day” two-time Top Chef contestant Chef Dale Talde tells Jack Silbert how he plans to bring his all-star talents to 8 Erie Street (Photographed by Alexander Richter) and in “Drumming Up Business” (Photographed by Steve Gold) Silbert beats time with JC native Joe Dwyer who has earned national acclaim for his handmade Warlock Drums. A year before he integrated baseball in Brooklyn, Jackie Robinson did it right here in Jersey City, Brendan Carty brings us back in time with his piece “Jackie Robinson Jersey City and the Day That Changed it All” (Photographed by Steve Gold with historical photos courtesy of the New Jersey Room of the Jersey City Free Public Library).

On the Cover:

Kayt Hester

Kayt Hester creates intricate images with shreds of hand torn masking tape.

She attended The Fashion Institute of Technology and then became a still-life photographer for publications such as J. Crew and Scholastic Magazine. Hester left her photography career shortly after 9/11 and began using leftover darkroom tape as a creative outlet to weave her interpretation of people, objects, places, and events on canvas.

Her work is mostly done in black and white, allowing the perfect balance of negative and light space, creating pieces that resemble a photo-negative or an old-time black and white photograph and breaking down intricate details into their most simple and beautiful silhouettes. She has been featured in Bust Magazine and Nylon and her art has been showcased in numerous solo shows throughout Jersey City and New York City. (JCI‘s online coverage of Kayt Hester can be found here.)

Hester created the cover image (above) especially for this issue of JCI using her signature technique with color tape to create an amazingly flawless scene of Exchange Place. Mickey Mathis photographed this piece in Hester’s studio for the Jersey City Independent.

For more on Kayt Hester, visit her website kaythester.com.

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Publishers Note: On our Fall 2015 issue we corrected the issue number to seven to reflect the number of issues we have printed since changing the magazine’s name to JCI.

JCI Magazine Spring/Summer 2014 cover image by Kayt Hester

Catherine Hecht

is the owner of Harmony Media, NJ, the publisher of Jersey City Independent and blogs about urban gardening at dig a path. She's lived in Jersey City since 1999 and resides in the Heights section with her wife Beth Achenbach, they were the first couple to file as legal domestic partners in Jersey City. Cat has over 10 years experience in communications, marketing and publishing, she's studied anthropology, art history, woman & gender studies, botany, ethnobotany, and herbology and she is a graduate of the Rising Tide Capital Community Business Academy. She is also is a community activist, registered voter, gay rights activist, art lover, gardener, environmentalist, and an animal advocate.