JCI Magazine 2014 Fall/Winter Issue is Fresh Off the Presses

Admit it: You like that feel of slick paper between your fingers, don’t you? Well, rejoice, because the latest issue of JCI magazine is now available all over Jersey City.

I’m Jack Silbert, the “acting editor” for this issue (not to be confused with an acting coach; for that, maybe consult one of the local theater companies). Over the past three years, I’ve written for the Jersey City Independent both online and in the printed magazine, covering topics including food, music, theater, film, neighborhoods and bikes! So it was a great honor to be asked to helm this fall/winter issue.

And there are several wonderful articles inside:

Award-winning author (and vegan guru, and dachshund enthusiast) Laryssa Wirstiuk turns our “neighborhood spotlight” on Bergen Hill. We see the beautiful old homes and learn about the proud history (trivia: What Jonathan Demme movie is strongly connected to Bergen Hill?), and also find out about recent efforts to revitalize local businesses.

Put on your life jacket for Jennifer Hughes’ profile of married artists Beth DiCara and John Tichenor. There’s a definite nautical theme to much of their work! Discover Beth’s ceramics and stained glass, John’s important role in Liberty State Park… and find out why there are small naked figurines lounging on many of their shelves.

I am exhausted writing this issue preview. I think I’ll relax at the Light Horse Tavern with a craft beer and a burger (or some oysters, or a nice steak….). I visited the popular Paulus Hook bar and restaurant to talk with owners Bill Gray and Ron Smith. How committed are they to the neighborhood? Well, they both live upstairs with their families!

Jersey City lost one of its brightest lights this summer with the passing of Walter Dean Myers. The critically acclaimed and best-selling author of gritty young-adult tales (and so much more) was very proud to call Jersey City home. Early in the year, writer and professor Nancy Méndez-Booth got a chance to sit down with Mr. Myers. They discussed the importance of building writing communities, and Myers gave suggestions to help Jersey City writers thrive. An article based on that discussion appeared on this very website back in February. Now, in tribute, we revisit it in expanded form.

Of course, it might take you a while to see these articles, as you’ll likely be transfixed by our cover. It is a piece titled “Break” by Jersey City artist Trupti Patel Doshi, and was recently included in the Whisky Rebellion group show at Village West Gallery. Trupti combined broken glass and splattered paint to create this arresting image that, to me, certainly evokes winter.

All the writers—along with photographers Mickey Mathis and Steve Gold, designer Jaden Rogers, and the rest of the JCI team—worked really hard to make this a terrific issue. We can’t wait for you to see it, and we look forward to your feedback!

Publishers Note: On our Fall 2015 issue we corrected the issue number to seven to reflect the number of issues we have printed since changing the magazine’s name to JCI.

JCI magazine 2014 Fall/Winter cover image “Break” by Trupti Patel Doshi

Jack Silbert

is a writer, editor, internet-radio DJ and occasional emcee. He is the author of several books and his writing has appeared in The New York Times, New York Press, New Jersey Monthly, Weird NJ, and other publications. Jack’s humorous ramblings can be found at Salt In Wound.