LGBT Wedding Expo Celebrates Equality

Cindy Sproul, co-founder of RWN, welcomes attendees

Approximately 250 attended this year’s 2nd Annual Same Love, Same Rights LGBT Wedding Expo on Sunday, Jan. 11.

LGBT couples that attended the event could plan their wedding, honeymoon and future family options as the expo featured more than 20 vendors.  Vendors included: venue options, photographers/videographers, DJ and live music booking companies (Guy Caramucci/Memory Makers Entertainment), jewelers, bakers (Bake Shoppe), health and family planning companies, travel agencies (Equality Travel), and specialty companies.

Cindy Sproul, co-founder of the — the event sponsor, rallied the crowd. “We are legit,” stated Sproul, “36 states allow for same-sex marriage.  I used to be able to name them all.  Now it is just easier to name the states where it is not legal.”

Spoul also urged attendees to support the expo’s vendors. “Unlike other wedding expos, today’s vendors are supporting equality.”

While most attendees came from the Jersey City and New York City area, a few took great pains to attend. For example, one couple drove more than two hours from the Poconos, PA, to attend and another couple stated to have taken two trains and a ferry.

Liberty House — the expo’s venue — sits in the heart of the Liberty State Park with amazing views of New York City.

Enjoy a few candid photos from the show (below).

Same-sex marriage has been legally recognized since Oct. 21, 2013, in New Jersey.  Check out photos of the first same-sex weddings that took place last year at Jersey City City Hall when the law became legal.



Photos by James DeAngelis

Jim DeAngelis

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