The Wisdom of Modern Sage

Leah Guy does not mess around. For more than 20 years she has been working as a health educator, a TV personality, inspirational speaker and yogi. She even has her own cleverly named production company called A Girl Named Guy. But Modern Sage (351 2nd St.) is her most recent passion project — that is good news for Jersey City.

Modern Sage is what Leah aptly describes as a “general store for the body, mind and spirit.” With her background in holistic living she brings a breadth of knowledge to her shop, including energy work, yoga, education and a healthy dose of intuitive healing. “I created this space to present a more holistic approach to wellness. My store is not just for supplements and skincare; it functions as a meeting and educational space with an emphasis on healing.”

Leah Guy at work in Modern Sage

Leah Guy at work in Modern Sage – Photo by Jayne Freeman © Harmony Media, NJ

Indeed, as Jersey City grows more populated and frenetic, residents are craving more grounding experiences — trying to find a little inner peace. “People seem to be quite appreciative of this shop,” Leah observes. “Sometimes they come in just to thank me for being here.” It’s no wonder. While you can stock up on all-natural products like toothpaste and baby colic remedies, it’s what Leah creates behind the scenes that is driving folks over to her shop. Almost every day she offers workshops and classes available to the public.  Some are free — some have a nominal fee. So far the guided meditation classes are attracting participants from far and wide. “A lot of people walk in the door needing something for depression or anxiety. We can talk about crystals and aromatherapy, but eventually they are drawn to our energy and healing work. The meditation instruction we offer is a part of that approach.”

In a cozy room adjacent to the retail part of Modern Sage there is a calming meditation room with prayer beads, books and little statues. “Guided meditation is helpful for beginners,” Leah explains. “But we have people from all levels joining our classes. It’s sometimes easier to be guided than to sit alone in a room. Just like doing yoga in a class is different from solo practice at home.” Participants can come up to three times per week to join in and tune out the mind clutter.

Modern Sage's Meditation Room with Prayer Beeds

Modern Sage’s Meditation Room with Prayer Beads – Photo by Jayne Freeman © Harmony Media, NJ

Another way to turn down the chaos of modern living is Leah’s newest offering — the “Rejuvenation Room.” This is a notion that should appeal to any urban dweller, particularly one with small children. You can come in for a true break from your day, either to nap or just completely unplug for a half hour. “This is a fun concept,” Leah explains. “Basically you pick the essential oils you want and for 30 minutes you’re on a heated table, with music and crystals on chakra points, an eye mask and a diffuser for the oils. Then you get to meditate or nap! In fact, for those who don’t feel like being touched, this is a great way to rejuvenate without anyone else around. You just melt into a table and relax.” This has got to be the best, most indulgent gift idea in town — a $30 respite where no texts dare intrude.

For those who need to unkink the knots and stresses from their lives, Modern Sage has an array of healing massage and energy work available. Leah typically does her own signature integrated therapy session that addresses all sorts of emotional issues, from anxiety to loss. She says, “Sometimes people hold on to issues for years, sometimes it’s fresh pain. Either way we have something to help — energetically, spiritually, and emotionally.” Massages start at a reasonable $45 and go up from there — from standard Swedish to Reiki, prenatal and even reflexology. “You don’t have to book a spa day.  You can just fit a massage into your schedule without having to make an entire event out of it.”

That’s the way it ought to be — pamper the mind, body and spirit in a world where unplugging seems to be a lost art.

To learn more about Modern Sage’s meditation classes, free workshop, Reiki circle and special events, visit

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Top photo courtesy of Leah Guy. Other photos by Jayne Freeman © Harmony Media, NJ


Jayne Freeman

is the host of the long-time public access show Mamarama as seen locally on Comcast Cable (channel 51) and on YouTube. In addition to her parenting program she is a certified childbirth educator and regularly writes about the parental experience.