JCI Magazine 2015 Fall Issue is Out

The Fall 2015 issue of JCI magazine hit the stands during the Jersey City Artists Tour. So much work goes into publishing our print magazine: story pitches, assigning writers and photographers, setting deadlines, story development, getting contacts, setting up interviews and photo shoots, putting out the open call for the cover image and then deciding on an image, editing for content, proof reading and fact checking, sorting through photos, designing spreads, selling ad space (enough to pay for the project), collecting ads, creating ads, getting ads approved by clients before deadlines, creating final proofs, checking—and double checking and triple checking—the final proofs, uploading files to the printer, checking the printer final proof, organizing delivery, unloading and distributing 15,000 magazines. (And then we usually start the process all over again.)

I’m sure I left something out, but suffice to say at any point something can (and will) go wrong. For the most part as the publisher I’m proud to say we have gotten out our issues with out too much of a hitch — at least until this issue. Anything that could go wrong did, but somehow we kept moving forward and the issue is finally here. I want to thank Dan Levin who kept pushing me though all the obstacles, Jack Silbert, the acting editor for the issue, our designer Jaden Rogers, all the contributors (see more on them below), and the patience and trust from all of our advertisers. I think the current issue is a great one and I’m especially proud of the work we did to get it published. I hope everyone who picks up the 2015 Fall Issue feels the same.

Be sure to pick up the latest JCI magazine featuring the image “Peek-ABoo”by Jersey City photographer Alexis Rotter…and read more about her and about the featured articles in the issue below!

On the Cover:

Alexis Rotter - Bio Photo for JCI magazine Fall 2015 issue

Alexis Rotter – Bio Photo for JCI magazine Fall 2015 issue

“Peek-A-Boo” by Alexis Rotter

Alexis Rotter was born and raised in West New York and moved all over Hudson County before settling in Jersey City Heights in 2003. Here, she finally found her niche among a community of creatives where she can express herself artistically. Throughout the past 12 years, Alexis has been able to share ideas with others, which has inspired her to be a better artist and really take root as a member of her own community.

“We’re the biggest small town in my opinion, and I love that I can walk down the street and know my neighbors by name, and vice versa, and everyone’s willing to spare a minute to ask about how you are,” Alexis told the Jersey City Independent in 2012, on the occasion of her first solo show at the White Star Bar. “I love that the kids in the neighborhood can run around, and parents are confident knowing that they’re not the only set of eyes on the kids. The entire neighborhood chips in and helps out.”

The photograph “Peek-A-Boo” on this issue’s cover was taken at the Parque De Las Palomas in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. The park is a home and refuge for many pigeons. The photograph shows a section of a wall that has various cut-outs so that the birds can seek shelter. Rotter’s work has also been shown locally at the Distillery Gallery, LITM, and Steam Cafe.

In an oversaturated world where we are overstimulated by everything and seem to under appreciate everything, Alexis wants to give people an unconventional view of conventional things. Through photography, she directs the viewers into a world where they see everyday items and locales, but through another angle, another light.

To learn more, visit Alexis’s photography website: alexisrotter.com

Featured Articles:

Our “neighborhood spotlight” in this issue focuses on the Marion section of Jersey City. Read about the neighborhood’s history as well as some of the “must see” places to check out when you explore including Mana Contemporary, Rita & Joe’s, 15 Fox Place, Pavonia/Marion Public Pool, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Holy Name Cemetery and more. Written by Laryssa Wirstiuk and photographed by Steve Gold. As always we thank the staff of the New Jersey Room at the Jersey City Free Public Library for their assistance with research and fact checking.

Rising to New Heights” features our profile of Alfa Demmellash. Through their nonprofit organization Rising Tide Capital, Alfa Demmellash and her husband Alex Forrester are helping local entrepreneurs fulfill their business dream. Written by Jennifer Hughes and photographed by Claire Pedulla—Claire is a new contributor to JCI and this is her first time being published in a print magazine. (Full disclosure: I attended RTC’s CBA course when planning to start the LLC Harmony Media NJ, and I graduated with a business certificate in 2014.)

“All in the Mix” features Hudson County artist Joe Borzotta and shows some of the overlap happening in the artists communities of Jersey City and Asbury Park. Written by Gia Portfolio and photographed by Beth Achenbach.

Hidden away on a residential block in Greeville is Laico’s, one of Jersey City’s hidden gems. Read through the history of this eatery and the authentic Italian fare they have been serving since 1972. Written by Gia Portfolio and photographed by Steve Gold.

Pick Up a Copy:

We changed the printing format of the magazine. We think the new binding allows readers to see more of the design layout and the content on the page. Let us know what you think. You’ll also notice we corrected the issue number to seven to reflect the number of issues we have printed since changing the magazine’s name to JCI. Check out one of our distribution locations near you to pick up a free copy of JCI magazine.

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Enjoy, and as always thanks for reading!

Catherine A. Hecht

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JCI magazine 2015 Fall cover image “Peek-ABoo” by Alexis Rotter

Catherine Hecht

is the owner of Harmony Media, NJ, the publisher of Jersey City Independent and blogs about urban gardening at dig a path. She's lived in Jersey City since 1999 and resides in the Heights section with her wife Beth Achenbach, they were the first couple to file as legal domestic partners in Jersey City. Cat has over 10 years experience in communications, marketing and publishing, she's studied anthropology, art history, woman & gender studies, botany, ethnobotany, and herbology and she is a graduate of the Rising Tide Capital Community Business Academy. She is also is a community activist, registered voter, gay rights activist, art lover, gardener, environmentalist, and an animal advocate.