General Election “unofficial” results for Jersey City Races

Note: This post was updated at 11 pm on Nov 3.

Below are the General Election “unofficial” results for Jersey City races on Nov. 3 via the Office of the Hudson County Clerk website.

Election Day Turnout in Hudson County: 46,356 voters or 14.88% voter turn out
Mail-In Turnout: 2,916 votes

General Assembly 31st District

Angela V. McKnight(D): 9,343 votes
Nicholas Chiaravalloti (D): 8,993 votes
Matthew Kopko (R): 3,808 votes
Herminio Mendoza (R): 2,541 votes
Anthony Zanowic (I): 946 votes
Alejandro Rodriguez (I): 916 votes

General Assembly 33rd District

Annette Chaparro (D): 12,275 votes
Raj Mukherji (D): 11,920 votes
Garrett P. Simulcik (R): 3,520 votes
Javier Sosa (R): 3,230 votes

County Executive

Thomas A. DeGise (D): 32,120 votes
Ivan H. Sutherland (R): 7,142 votes

Board of Education – Jersey City

Marilyn Roman: 6,582 votes
John Reichart: 6,222 votes
Vidya Gangadin: 6,165 votes
Gina Verdibello: 5,174 votes

Jersey City Public Question

Yes: 5,057 votes
No: 4,598 votes

Results will continue to be updated on the Hudson County Clerk website.

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