Anoche by Adriana Rambay Fernandez


by Adriana Rambay Fernandez

Anoche pensé en ti,
because I always think of you, especially when it’s
cold outside and cold inside. I
don’t think New Year’s will
ever be the same
for you. I wish I could
give you another time to remember
him, one that doesn’t
involve a countdown but rather is
just an average, normal, nothing
kind of day, one where
love can be honored quietly without
much fanfare or
noise, a day that exists
only for you and the kids, that
protects you from the
questioning looks. A day when
remembering is about
sitting down to dinner and
talking around the table, or gifts
underneath the Christmas tree, with his
voice, when the
world flips so on it’s side and God makes e-
xceptions to Her rules, where
you get to choose how he leaves, a day cuando puedes
zafar los pensamientos de ese día.

A writer and communications professional since 1998, Adriana Rambay Fernández has written about women and politics, environmental issues, international development, and art and literature. She has won awards from the New Jersey Society of Professional Journalists and the New Jersey Press Association for her work as a journalist at the Hudson Reporter covering local news, arts, and politics in Hudson County. She has also written for Jersey City Magazine and Hoboken Magazine. A Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher, Adriana offers classes in yoga and writing and leads writing retreats in partnership with Jersey City Writers. She is pursuing an MFA in Fiction at the Bennington Writing Seminars. See more of Adriana’s work on her website

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