Iron Strong Jewelry: Where Fashion and Fitness Win

Tina Tang has been an artist for as long as she can remember. Suffice it to say that her first professional job as an equities trader at Goldman Sachs didn’t satisfy that calling. Five years in, Tang got out.

“Jewelry was one of the mediums I played with,” recalls Tang, “It was a marketable artistic endeavor. Besides the commercial aspect of it, I find inspiration in the joy it brings the wearer. With jewelry, I could make art and make people happy.”

In 1998, Tang started a business as a jewelry designer. For the better part of the past decade, Tang has owned stores in NYC where she sold her own designs.

Fast forward to 2012 and Tang, also a lover of fitness, completed the first grueling certification necessary to become a personal trainer. It was then that she realized the void in the jewelry market. While jewelry has long been used as a motivator and as a reward, Tang couldn’t find jewelry specific to the athleticism that she was so engaged in. And so, she created it.

Iron Strong Jewelry by Tina Tang

Iron Strong Jewelry by Tina Tang

“I’m the founder of Iron Strong Jewelry. I design jewelry inspired by the passion of fitness,” she tells JCI.

“As a personal trainer, I’ve found that when women accomplish difficult physical feats, they’re mentally empowered. The mission behind Iron Strong Jewelry is empowering women through celebrating their accomplishments. Jewelry combines the playful joy of individuality with the reminder of one’s own power; it helps to remember the journey, to remember the work that became something wonderful.”

Tang’s pieces are crafted in durable sterling silver and made in the US. She sells on average 13-20 pieces a month since starting Iron Strong in 2014.

Even with her extensive background in business, Tang lauds Rising Tide Capital and the Start Something Challenge. “They want us to succeed. Every program, panel, or lecture they organize is meant to help us succeed as entrepreneurs. I’ve never met an organization that was so selfless and where I didn’t feel I was ultimately being sold something.”

Tina Tang, owner of Iron Strong Jewelry

Tina Tang, owner of Iron Strong Jewelry

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