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Our readers are INFLUENCERS

The people who read the Jersey City Independent online and in print are the people you want to reach in Jersey City. Our readers match the classic definition of “influencer” put forth in the 2003 book The Influentials: They are activists, they are connected to large social networks, they are trendsetters, they have diverse interests and they are trusted by others.

Our readers are ACTIVE

Walk into any happening Jersey City restaurant, salon, bar or gallery on any given night, and you’ll be in the company of many regular readers of the Independent. Our readers don’t just read about Jersey City, they are active participants in its life, commerce and culture.

Our readers are LOCAL

The majority of the people reading Jersey City Independent are from Jersey City and its immediate surrounding areas. Another substantial chunk are people traveling in the area or staying at our hotels and looking for local amenities. Either way, these are the people who are most likely to visit your business or use your service.

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