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Last Thursday afternoon, an office worker from 95 Columbus, who had been watching the daily production of Snooki and JWoww vs The World on his lunch hour, decided to make his move.

As the show's stars unpacked JWoww's BMW, loaded with bags of home furnishings, from yet another shopping trip in the the Heights, the man walked down the block, past security and into the scene, helping the girls carry their groceries to the front door. It was the first unscripted moment on Mercer St. all week, and did nothing to disrupt the block. The only raised voice came from a security guard loudly clearing his throat off camera to warn the good Samaritan not to cross the threshold of the firehouse door.

A moment later, a crew member approached him, asking the man to sign a waiver then taking his photo to match his name to his face should the footage ever air. At the same time, security explained to police the protocol for those looking to engage the girls. While loitering isn't allowed, passersby are free to speak to the girls while cameras roll, even if until now most have been too shy to do so.

But as the first week of production on the Jersey Shore spin-off came to a close, most of the cameras outdoors have only been rolling on B-roll, recording time-lapse photography, and passing pedestrians and traffic, around the neighborhood. The most a secondary unit perked up occurred while the girls were out shopping, and a crew ran out to capture a fleet of fire trucks responding to a gas leak at City Hall across the street.

A day later, the roles were reversed, as a fire truck, lights flashing, double parked in the intersection of Grove and Mercer Sts. during rush hour, so a fireman and his family could disembark and snap photos outside the converted firehouse. The family smiled, the cops just rolled their eyes and smirked.

The police will have their own chance for photos after production wraps. All the officers who work the security detail during the six weeks of production are invited to meet the show's stars once filming concludes.

The only other people to approach the firehouse last week were only pretending, as actors portraying a delivery man and a messenger made deliveries to the house, one after the other, knocking on the door, ringing the bell, and shouting to the windows on cue.

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