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 Nimbus Dance Works Professional Company

Nimbus Dance Works has found "a place to call home," according to Samuel Pott, Artistic Director. "We had a great location at the Barrow Mansion - unfortunately (for us) so many groups are also trying to use the space. We need to have our own space so we can keep moving forward as an organization."

The new space would be "a studio for the school and for the company," Pott continues, "It will foster professionalism and excellence, which is very important to who we are. The new facility serves as rehearsal space, a crossover between professional dancers and students. There, professional dancers will have an opportunity to impact the younger dancers."

The move keeps Nimbus downtown, and while they do have a location "a bit off the beaten track," Pott is reluctant to "make a big public splash about where it is" at this point in the process. "We plan to open up in mid-April," he hints.

More importantly though, says Pott, are the opportunities afforded by the move. "A new space allows us to grow the school. We do a lot of programming in the public schools in Jersey City. We're always pushing these students by telling them, 'If you work hard enough, you could be professional.' And hard work and commitment is a big part of it, but also having access to training - and good training - is essential. We're trying to fill that niche. We want to be able to provide them something to sink their teeth into.

"We are trying to develop a school in addition to the professional company that can really provide comprehensive dance training. This new building will allow for continuous access so we can provide a well-rounded dance education. We've already had some of our students go on to the School of American Ballet, Hyde Tech and County Prep. We want to train more students to get into prestigious programs at the college level too, but that requires rigorous training. This move is also going to allow us to begin a pre-professional training program. It means that students in the program will take class more consistently." Pott continues.

And their options for classes will increase as well. "They'll have the opportunity to take pointe class, partnering classes...we'll be able to have a youth dance company.

"Our main focus is on ballet, not because we're trying to create classical ballet dancers but it's an important part of the curriculum. It's like learning piano when you want to be a rock and roll star. You have to know the chords. Ballet is a framework and it's applicable to any kind of dance. It teaches clarity of movement, focus, and attention to details.

"We also offer modern dance, hip hop, and salsa. And we're looking forward to offering more adult classes in general."

But the moving process is expensive, and Nimbus is a non-profit enterprise. "There are quite a lot of schools that are for-profit businesses, but we are non-profit. All of our excess funds go back into our programming. That makes us more focused on serving our mission, which is to use top caliber dance to impact youth in communities. However it also means we have a lot of scholarships as well as programming in public schools. So this is a big thing for us," describes Pott.

Nimbus will need about two months for the renovations, according to Pott. "We are putting in a spring floor - that means it has some extra give or cushioning which is safer for dancers' knees and ankles - mirrors, an office, there's electrical work, we need a sound system, lighting... We'll be adding some walls..."

And this weekend, Nimbus is holding an "elegant and fun event" to help raise money. The event, called Une Nuit D'Amour (translation: A Night of Love) will be held at the Barrow Mansion (83 Wayne Street), and will feature the company performing excerpts from Cuban choreographer Pedro Ruiz's Danzon and Pott's Six Chansons - set to choral music of Maurice Ravel and Claude Debussy. The evening will also include live jazz piano by Jersey City musician Brendan Kibbee, gourmet French cuisine and wine as well as an auction with donations including vacation getaways, local getaways, a massage, fitness sessions at a local gym and more.

Une Nuit D'Amour will be held Saturday, Feb. 15 at 7 pm at the Barrow Mansion, 83 Wayne St, admission is $50. To purchase a ticket, view and bid on auction items in advance, send a donation, or to sign up for classes, visit Nimbus Dance Works.

Photo by PeiJu Chien-Pott

Nimbus Dance Works Finds a New Home

Nimbus Dance Works has found “a place to call home,” according to Samuel Pott, Artistic Director. “We had a great location at the Barrow Mansion – unfortunately (for us) so many groups are also trying to use the space. We need to have our own space so we can keep moving forward as an organization.”

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