Affordable Care? Jersey City Residents and Government Step Into the Affordable Care Act

By • Mar 21st, 2014 • Category: Featured, News

After three and a half years of arguing, exaggerating, praising, demonizing, promising, threatening, and attempting to repeal, the Affordable Care Act is set to take full effect in the United States of America. Many people are ecstatic. Others are totally irate.

Good Eats: Greene Chutney Grill

By • Mar 7th, 2014 • Category: Featured, Food

If you work in Exchange Place and feel a lack of lunch options, check out relative newbie Greene Chutney Grill. The Greene Street eatery offers something different from your standard fare: Indian with a twist in a fast-casual setting.

Barbara Meise: Ephemeral Artisan Stands the Test of Time

By • Feb 19th, 2014 • Category: Arts, Featured

As one of the few remaining stain glass masters in the world, Barbara Meise is our very own Jersey City treasure. Her diminutive stature belies the giant footprint she has laid down across our land. From churches of all denominations to landmarks to historic homes, she is a medieval messenger of a craft which might have been lost had she not claimed it for viewers to savor over the years.

Good Eats: Union Republic

By • Jan 27th, 2014 • Category: Featured, Food

Jersey City’s got a new menu in town, and it has a welcome unique twist. When looking in through the street-side glass façade, Union Republic appears to be a fast-casual ramen noodle bar — but the café is so much more than that.

Get Ready to Dance The Night Away at the 8th Annual Snow Ball

By • Jan 16th, 2014 • Category: Arts, Featured

Time to shine your shoes, Art House’s annual Snow Ball is fast approaching. Saturday, January 25 at 8 pm folks will begin filing through the front doors at One McWilliams Place for the party of the season – but get your tickets soon because they’ve been known to sell out well in advance.

Neighborhood Spotlight: The Heights

By • Nov 22nd, 2013 • Category: Featured, News

Many Jersey City residents know the Heights dates back to the 1600s, but a lesser-known fact is that this district was actually an independent municipality. Situated at the north end of the city, atop the New Jersey Palisades and overlooking Hoboken, the neighborhood comprising most of the Heights was originally known as “Hudson City” from 1855 to the time it merged with Jersey City in 1873.

Guardian Angela: Angela McKnight Sets a New Standard of Care for the City’s Elderly

By • Nov 13th, 2013 • Category: Featured, News

Nothing can be certain except death and taxes, according to Benjamin Franklin. But if you ask a Greenville resident, they might offer up a third certainty: Angela McKnight. McKnight, 36, has always been the neighborhood’s go-to woman. She’s the founder of AngelaCARES, a resource for local seniors and youth, which is celebrating its second anniversary this October. She was also recognized as a Jersey City Woman of Action for 2013.

Monkey Business: At the Iron Monkey, Change is the Only Constant

By • Nov 8th, 2013 • Category: Featured, Food, News

Steve McIntyre had a distinctly short-term goal in mind when he first conceived of the Iron Monkey. “I was walking down the street, and there were no restaurants in this whole area,” says McIntyre, who moved to Paulus Hook around 1990. “And I was hungry. That’s why I opened the restaurant.”

Love it or Leave it? Jersey City Public Schools Aim for Greater Buy-In

By • Nov 1st, 2013 • Category: Featured, News

“How are the public schools?” It’s the question every young parent has to ask when deciding where to live. It overrides all the superficial stuff – the night clubs, the sushi spots, the prevalence of farmer’s markets. It’s a profound question that cuts to the essence of a community’s sustainability, the concrete way of asking the ultimate and ultimately unanswerable question, “Can I raise my children here?”

Jersey City Review Style Profile: Orville Clarke

By • Oct 25th, 2013 • Category: Arts, Featured, Jersey City Review

He’s as au courant as they come. His impeccable taste epitomizes a complete understanding of style and form and it is personified in his personal manner, well-chosen professional endeavors, and life at his befitting Lincoln Park Neighborhood Victorian home which is filled with world-collected objects d’ art and shared with wife Khurshid and son Sufyan. “When meeting someone for the first time, you have about 15 seconds to impress them. Why be subtle about it? I’d rather throw a brick.” – Orville Clarke.