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JCI magazine 2016 Fall Cover  - Photo by Catherine Hecht, © Harmony Media, NJ

JCI magazine 2016 Fall Issue is here! So much behind the scenes work goes into producing and publishing a print magazine. I'm extremely grateful to everyone that contributed their time and talents on this issue—thank you! As the publisher, I usually have my hand in a little of everything—overseeing, guiding and watching something go from conception to creation is very rewarding for me personally on so many levels—the fact that we also shine a spotlight on our local community is the icing on the cake. Below read a little about what you'll find in the issue...but don't take my word for it, pick up a copy and enjoy!

On the Cover:

In June of 2016, I was lucky enough to participate in the judging of the annual All-District Jersey City Public School High School Art Expo sponsored by the Jersey City Kiwanis Club and Provident Bank hosted at the historic Loew’s Theatre in Journal Square

All of the artwork was created by students in the public schools who were enrolled in arts courses, but who were not majoring in art. Mel Kozakiewicz (the acting editor for this issue) and I realized immediately that the works displayed in the All School Expo were so outstanding that we had to choose one as our cover image. Jailene Rodriguez's piece spoke to us for its striking color palette, the bold yet airy quality of the lines, and the composition itself. Beth Achenbach photographed this piece for the Jersey City Independent.

[caption id="attachment_91833" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Jailene Rodriguez, cover artist for the 2016 JCI Fall Issue Jailene Rodriguez, cover artist for the 2016 JCI Fall Issue - Photo courtesy Jailene Rodriguez[/caption]

“I am not an art student but I've always had a passion for art and it's been a great hobby for me.

“My interest in art began to develop when I was in elementary school. Every Tuesday we had art class and I remember never wanting to leave class. Every time I'd put anything on paper I knew I was creating something beautiful and unique and the feeling of satisfaction I got from being done with a piece was something that motivated me to pursue my passion for art.

“From elementary school till High School I've taken a total of 6 art classes. My favorite had to be Federico's class in James J. Ferris high school, he always gave me the freedom to express myself through my artwork and pushed me to make my artwork better breaking boundaries to take my artwork to the next level.

“I recently graduated high school this June. My plans after high school are to attend college and receive a degree in nursing.”- Jailene Rodriguez

[caption id="attachment_91841" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Neighborhood Spotlight article on the Holland Tunnel and Boyle Plaza - Photo of spread by Catherine Hecht, © Harmony Media, NJ Neighborhood Spotlight article on the Holland Tunnel and Boyle Plaza - Photo of spread by Catherine Hecht, © Harmony Media, NJ[/caption]

Featured Articles:

The Holland Tunnel and Boyle Plaza section of Jersey City are also the gateway to the state  in this issue we feature the area in our “neighborhood spotlight.” Read about the neighborhood’s history as well as places to check out when you explore including the many street murals on display, 14th Street Garden Center, Cobra Fencing Club, El Cabaña Diner, Lackawanna Center, St. Lucy’s Shelter, and more. Written by Nancy Mendez-Booth and photographed by Steve Gold.

From Crisis to Self Sufficiency” features our profile of the nonprofit organization Women Rising. Founded in 1905, they serve about 11,000 women annually in some capacity, and about one-third have some history of domestic abuse. Written by Jennifer Hughes and photographed by Tracey Noelle Luz (a new contributor we are happy to welcome to JCI).

Hold Fast Industries, owned by Josh and Stephanie Bryant, is keeping the art of letterpress printing and leather and metal engraving alive in the Heights read more in our article “Old School Machinery Printing New School Designs.” Written by Gia Portfolio and photographed by Steve Gold.

Departed Soles, owned by Brian Kulbacki, is Jersey City's only brewery, learn more about this great new addition to our community in our article "Jersey City Brewery Crafts Gluten-Free and Traditional Ales." Written by Mel Kozakiewicz and photographed by Tracey Noelle Luz.

The amazing design, graphics and layout for JCI magazine are all created by our talented Art Director, Jaden Remy.

[caption id="attachment_91842" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Women Rising article - Photo of spread by Catherine Hecht, © Harmony Media, NJ Women Rising article - Photo of spread by Catherine Hecht, © Harmony Media, NJ[/caption]

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Enjoy, and thanks for reading!

Catherine A. Hecht

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JCI Magazine Past Issues:

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We’ve all seen the grainy video: Jackie Robinson dressed in his crisp Dodger uniform on Opening Day in 1947, standing on the top step of the visitor’s dugout before charging into the sunlight, and taking his rightful place in history. It was an exhilarating moment, one that was both celebrated and scorned in almost equal measure. That day, Robinson faced the kind of pressure that would debilitate a normal man but he was ready for it because this wasn’t the first time he played a game against white ballplayers. It wasn’t the first time he stood on a field and occupied the center of the American sports world. No, he’d done all that a year before when he broke the color barrier for American professional sports – at Roosevelt Stadium in Jersey City.

In Memoriam: Jersey City’s Walter Dean Myers

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15 Fox Place offers classic Italian-American family meals in a classic Jersey City family home. A quiet, tucked-away residential block in Jersey City’s Marion neighborhood is home to the celebrated dining club 15 Fox Place. The name is the address, and that’s especially fitting. For chef and co-owner Kathryn Budinich, the close-knit neighborhood has defined not only her profession—filled with food and family—but her entire life.

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