How Not to Mother Like Your Mother (and Why It Doesn’t Matter)

From about the age of six through adolescence, I kept a mental list of things I would do differently when I became a mother. A few examples include: Do not drag your child around to doctor appointments with you, especially when they involve pain or bad news. Do not scream forbidding threats regarding drugs, sex and

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Mamarama: Gestational Diabetes Impact on You and Your Baby

With more than 18 percent of American children being categorized as obese* and about two-thirds of all Americans classified as overweight or obese, we are in a national health crisis. Women, even before pregnancy, have the ability to change the course of their own health and that, in turn, impacts their baby’s health. There is

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Mamarama: What are the Internet’s ‘Sharp Corners’ That Your Kids Face Today?

When I was in grade school I was inexplicably terrified that I would suddenly go blind — either by illness or accident. As a result, I read everything I could about blind folks from Helen Keller to fictional characters who had unfortunate accidents. In one of those many stories was a small allegory that I

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Mamarama: Taking Our Seats

Priority Seating PATH Train Jersey City PATH riders have been increasingly disgruntled with each passing year. We’ve just learned that all weekend service to WTC will be suspended for nearly all of 2014. Receiving news like this tends to make Jersey City residents feel like an unwanted stepchild. However, my gripe with the PATH does

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Mamarama: Postpartum Mood Disorders and New Jersey

Last week, 34-year-old first time mom, Miriam Carey was shot to death following a dangerous car chase in Washington D.C. Carey’s mother suggested that her daughter’s irrational and aggressive behavior was a result of untreated postpartum depression. Though this diagnosis is difficult to substantiate, it also cannot be entirely ruled out, as Carey was said to become emotionally unstable in the months following her August 2012 birth.


Mamarama: Kids & Mourning

Every parent, at some point or another, must figure out how to navigate discussions about death and mourning. It might be over a family pet, a beloved friend, a relative — death is never an easy topic to broach with kids – or even adults, for that matter.


Mamarama: Online Stranger Danger

Last week a mom from a suburban New York community told me that amongst her friends, there is an accepted “rule” that you are not allowed to take photos of anyone else’s kid but your OWN. This is to prevent the possibility of sharing those images on Facebook or any other site where the parent does not have control over who can view those pictures.


Home Birth: The Latest Trend in Jersey City?

As a childbirth educator I frequently speak to pregnant couples around town – whether they are my clients or not. One of the first things I ask is, “Where are you giving birth?” and the answer I’ve been hearing more and more often is: “At home.


Mamarama: The Year Halloween Was Cancelled…

I want to preface this blog by saying that Jersey City is one amazing place to live. We have a community ethic and concern that stretches far beyond one’s immediate environment and embraces every diverse corner of this city. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy our friends and neighbors met with ruined homes, cars, and

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Mamarama: Message Causes Manic Panic

Last week the following message appeared on the widely-read HobokenMoms Yahoo Group: “Alert!!! White van no plates! Tried taking child from mom! Near rite aid on shipyard! Guy was with a mask n gun! About 5’8 black sweater with hoody and blue sweats white sneakers!!! Please dont let kids wander around!” In case you’re not familiar with it, the

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Mamarama: A Staunch Democrat Finds Herself in an Anti-Obama Ad

The other morning I woke up to some surreal information: “I think I just saw you in an Obama campaign ad!” For a few heady hours I was under the impression that my image appeared in an ad supporting President Obama in the upcoming election. This was not entirely unlikely in that I am a

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Mamarama: Boys and Their Guns

The other day I was at a playground watching my friend’s son gather a swat team of boys while he shared his collection of toy guns and rifles. The team was assembled; the boys hashed-out the game rules and began their dramatic enactment of a siege or coup that I didn’t bother to understand. What

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Mamarama: Are You DAD Enough?

There’s a media storm kicking up so much dirt and dust right now that I can barely see my Facebook timeline. Hundreds of posts have appeared over the past 24 hours about TIME magazine’s provocative cover photo AND story – which appear to be two separate issues of debate and contention. 

Allow me to describe:

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Pregnant Women ‘Meet the Doulas’ at Jersey City Medical Center

An unprecedented event took place recently in a cafeteria at Jersey City Medical Center. Called “Meet the Doulas,” it was hosted by Leche de Mama, a non-profit organization centered around improving health and education for women with a particular focus in maternal child health. Rebeca Four, the event organizer, realized that pregnant women in our community have

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Mamarama: Taking the Tweens to Bully

Over this past spring break, I decided to haul four middle-schoolers to the Angelika in New York for a viewing of Bully on opening day. The kids were a mix of sixth and seventh graders – one boy and three girls – who were eager to see what this documentary was all about. Just before

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Mamarama: Jersey City Parents Have Collective Nervous Breakdown

Between the high-stakes application lottery for the best charter schools in Jersey City and the recent mayhem that ensued over Camp Liberty enrollment, area parents have suffered a collective nervous breakdown. Actual quotes reported from this past week’s registration line-up: “I have no other alternatives this summer!” “I waited for 3 hours!” “I’m going to

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Mamarama: Breaking Bad ≠ Responsible Parenting

The other night I was catching up on episodes of AMC’s Breaking Bad, an Emmy-award winning television series. I’m not spoiling the fun by telling you one simple fact and what it made me think of: The middle-aged dad in the story finds out he has inoperable lung cancer. With no means to pay for

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Mamarama: The Business of Better Sex Ed

“So, when your daughters are 15, are you going to take them to the gyno and have them put on birth control?” my friend asked me recently over a shared omelet. Before I could sputter a response, she went on: “I remember when I was in 9th grade, this one girl – you know, the

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Mamarama: Ghouls, Girls and Gaga

Sometimes there are moments as a parent where you say to yourself, “Yes!! THIS is what it’s all about – great job, self!” and there are other moments when you find yourself saying, “Oh no, what were you thinking, self.” I had both of those in one short week. The “mothering mistake” occurred with fully

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Mamarama: Learning Lessons from Snooki

I remember reading that John Waters loved when his subscriptions to The Atlantic Monthly and the National Enquirer arrived on the same day. As though the mail carrier might take note of Mr. Waters’ unlikely combination of high and lowbrow reading material and be duly impressed. With that in mind, I’m not going to make

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