Five Indoor Crafts To Make With Your Child

I miss those warm days spent outdoors with my daughter. Enjoying a picnic in the park, pushing her on the swing, reading a book in the grass while she napped peacefully next to me. Yes, I know, it is winter. The cold weather means more time spent indoors, which also means mommy needs to find

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TRAASH: Transform Brown Paper Bags Into a Beautiful Fall Wreath

This is the time of year when I enjoy baking apple pie and pumpkin bread and snuggling under the electric blanket with my dog Gabi. I also get so much joy making holiday decorations for my home. Fall is all about the leaves changing into vibrant reds and oranges, so I decided to decorate my

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TRAASH: Recycled Dog Toys

So it happens that a few months ago, while shopping in a pet store, I noticed dog toys made of plastic bottles. “I can make that,” I thought. Needless to say I didn’t try my hand at making toys with plastic bottles until recently. I was reminded of the idea after my two-year old dachshund Gabi smuggled another one of my socks into her cage.


TRAASH: Fun and Simple Ways to Repurpose At Home

Recycling, repurposing, and upcycling is very important to me. But what does it all mean and what’s the difference? To me they all mean the same. Recycling, repurposing, and upcycling all involve the process of changing a material into a new material or product. Most importantly all three of these processes help to prevent waste. So if you are placing an empty soda can into the recycling bin or transforming it into a lantern, you are doing something great for the environment.


TRAASH: Recycled Plastic Bag Coasters

DIY Plastic Bag Coasters My adventures in repurposing began with fusing plastic bags. Fusing plastic bags involves melting numerous layers of thin plastic together to create one thicker piece of plastic. This new piece of plastic can then be stitched on a sewing machine just like fabric. I love the look and colors of fused

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TRAASH: Lampshades into Bird Feeders

During the Memorial Day weekend, I visited my mother in my childhood turf, the suburbs of Maywood, NJ. As a bonus, she gifted me with a dented lampshade she was getting rid of. The idea for a bird feeder came to me while birds chirped outside the bedroom window the following morning.


TRAASH: Repurposing Cardboard Into Jewelry

Mother Days Pins In the beginning of the year, I posted a DIY project on my site,, describing how to repurpose cardboard into jewelry.  This month, I’m expanding on that project by using repurposed cardboard to make personalized Mother’s Day pins. I use thin cardboard food boxes, such as the boxes used for cereal, tea,

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TRAASH: Repurposing Phone Books

For my monthly do-it-yourself projects, I wait for something or someone to inspire me. This month my inspiration came in the form of a phone book. One morning as I walked into the school office, I noticed a stack of new phone books on the counter. I stood there confused, questioning if people actually still use phone books. As I walked home that night, I noticed phone books everywhere: in front of houses, outside of businesses, and stacked on top of one another in front of an apartment complex.


Repurposing Tree Branches

Welcome to my first blog post for the Jersey City Independent. For this DIY project, I will show you the many fun ways that repurposed tree branches can be used in your home. The steps below show how to make an inexpensive and colorful key rack, a hanging jewelry organizer, and a pot hanger.